Water for everyone

Access to drinkable water is among our top priorities. Actually, access to water in general is a priority for us considering the fact that the Angkor Thom district, where we are active, suffers, more and more, with lack of water.

Many of the wells have already been dug in our villages, by other organizations or private sponsors, but none of these wells offer directly potable water. Indeed, often flows from these boreholes a red water loaded with iron and filled with bacteria of all kinds. In addition, the facilities often end up being abandoned because they are broken, since there is no monitoring of the projects to repair or maintain them, and almost all are dry in the dry season not being deep enough.

After having learned, and solved the various problems of the installation of wells, we went on drilling deeper than normal to get the sedimentary layers present in the soil and which will naturally filter the water, a chance in the area. We use PVC pipes of small diameters and from the best qualities to guarantee the longevity of the installation. On the surface, we make a simple concrete slab with a basic manual pump at its center, which everyone can easily operate, even young children, thanks to the reduced diameter of the pipes used. Once the well is drilled, it is purged of external pollution during the works, before collecting samples that will be tested in the laboratory according to Cambodian and international standards for the water can be declared drinkable.

The places where we do these wells are carefully selected, in agreement with the authorities that are the heads of villages, heads of communes and districts, to reach the maximum of families in need, and especially the most sensitive. We do not offer a well for one family, but we dig in the middle of a hamlet to reach even more people through our actions.

A full installation today costs 600 US dollars, and will bring clean and drinkable water to at least 4 or 5 families, a minimum of 20 people.


We chose not to install on each well a sign with our logo and nominative generous donors who contributed to it, because simply such a panel costs $ 25, and we estimate that this amount will be more useful to the maintenance of the well and to help other people. Basically such a panel is not really necessary, especially since the people who participated will be thanked by a beautiful photo of the families whose life you have changed.

To date, Camborea has installed 43 drinking water wells in the villages of Plung, Ku Kril and Tah Prok, providing water to some 500 of the poorest people….

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