How to be a partner of our NGO?

You run a company and our actions are of interest for you? Become an active partner of ours!
Via this page, we offer to promote your involvement with the Cambodian people. Be it thanks to a physical help, financial help or via any other mean depending on your possibilities. We are all ears on any offer you may have for us. Options, just like our needs, are countless so don’t hesitate to get in touch and help us!!

Reach us at, info@camborea.com, and let’s check together how we can build a better world together!!

Our generous partners:

 We are very happy to be able to count the Rotary Club of Annecy in our list of partners. Created in 1939, it has 52 members to date and belongs to District 1780 of Rotary International. They carry out many actions each year, local and international, from which Camborea will have the chance to benefit for its school in 2023 and also, we hope for many years…

Find out more about the Rotary Club of Annecy : http://www.rotary1780.org/annecy/accueil

This laboratory, created by doctors for the benefit of patients, offers a new and entirely natural range of health, comfort and well-being products. Based in Belgium, it thus has a central position in Europe for better interaction around their projects, being closer to the real needs of their patients, their manufacturers and their various partners. Their herbal food supplements will meet the needs of your body, in addition to a balanced diet, while helping you with your daily worries. Responsible and committed, 100% natural, at the service of the patient, an ideal partner for Camborea.

             Their website you must visit : http://www.laboratoire-vitalsante.com

Are you looking for a private micro-nursery for your child in the Colmar, Horbourg-Wihr or surrounding area, Jules et Rose is the perfect place for him!!! On their three different sites, they welcome children from 2.5 months and up to 4 years old in a respectful and eco-responsible environment. Thanks to a limited number of children for a high supervision rate, they ensure a constant dialogue between parents and staff, thus guaranteeing the care of each child as a unique individual. So join them, to give your children the best chance.

              Their website you must visit : http://www.julesetrose.com

Thanks to their large catalog of imported products from organic farming, this independent family business supplies a whole network of specialized stores. At the very heart of Ecoidées is developing a humanist philosophy, based on respect for man and nature. In line with this, their activities are 100% eco-responsible thanks to real carbon offsetting, the clean products and energies they use, and a formidable social policy for all. The list of their certifications is long, as well as that of their actions for people and the planet.

Their website you must visit : http://www.ecoidees.com

No need to introduce the Lion’s Club here. However, that of Mulhouse-Illberg which was created in 1985, brings together members united by links of solidarity and support for various charitable actions, including of course CAMBOREA. They were able to help our various projects and renew their trust in us, carrying out various actions over the years, thus collecting precious donations for the benefit of our French branch.

How to contact them : http://www.facebook.com/lionsclub.mulhouse.illberg

edwards realty 2

Edwards Realty offers quality properties for sale or for rent in Belgium and abroad. A professional and approved contact manages each case, thanks to a personalized work methodology to optimize the results. Listen Confidence and Proximity, are the pillars of your future real estate experience, which will surely be serene and successful. In addition, for each sale of good, this charitable agency makes a donation to our small NGO!

Their website you must visit : http://www.edwards-realty.eu/


Kokopelli is a French association that distributes free and reproducible seeds issued from organic farming in order to preserve seed and vegetable biodiversity. They became our fabulous partners through their “Semences Sans Frontieres” campaign (Seeds without borders), and provided us with many seeds and tips for our community garden, to give back to our farmers the autonomy that they lost with the arrival of the multinationals of the agro-chemistry.

Their website you must visit : http://kokopelli-semences.fr/