Healthcare and disease prevention center

Health is also a major concern for us. Access to medical attention is very complicated in Cambodia.
Yes, the Kantha Bopha and the Angkor Children Hospital offer free healthcare to children up to 12 years old but these are located in Sieam Reap town and people often lack the financial or material means to reach them. Time is also an issue since parents often work hard in the fields and cannot miss a full day to go to town with their children.
As for the grown up, there is the financial barrier. Consultations are very expensive and the care quality is way too often poor.


01 - tournée dans le villageIn our small center, we don’t provide direct medical attention yet we treat the essential needs: small injuries, cuts, cutaneous infections and a variety of other light issues which, if they are treated soon enough, won’t turn into serious diseases.

The heart of our work is screening serious diseases like diabetes among others, medical monitoring and prevention on (lack of) hygiene – which is often linked to lack of clean water access, another of our top priorities.
In order to start our program in the village we hired Sokun, a Cambodian nurse which is specialized in prevention and information in the countryside zones. She goes meet the people in their home and operated a basic service once per week in our healthcare center.


Our future project is to set up a free transport service to drive children to the hospital and make sure they get the proper care in time as well as increase the amount of vaccinated children. The most common vaccines are free for children in the aforementioned hospitals.




After more than a year and a half of work …

We had to close our center and put this project on hold …

For lack of time to complete the goal, at least in the sense that we wanted to go !!!!


I hope that we can very quickly relaunch this center, which is so important for our community, and this within our school project, to give real training to the villagers on the rules of daily hygiene and food security, but also continue screening for health problems…


Other projects have since mobilized our full attention, projects that you will find here.